Among Aptos

유 Story continues..

Not so far away...

A group of asshole aliens saw us creating all those clones and in the night they stole our friend's cloning machine leaving behind a note:
You have decided to have fun without us. You Nerds think you are better than us with your science and your clones. YOU KNOW WHAT? WE WILL HAVE OUR CLONES TOO! We'll come back..and we will smash you and your stupid clones down!
. . . . . Boy, they are really angry!
We would have liked to include them, but they were always mean to us!
Now there are no alternatives. Their decision seems final.
We must defend ourselves and prepare for the fight.
And you must HELP US!

Take command of the clones with us.

Let's train them together in the arena, you will receive special equipment that we are creating for the battle.