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유유유 Team

Nice to meet you! We are an It-Alien (U.U) team composed of professionals with strong personalities and varied backgrounds!
Jacopo, Founder & CEO
Graduated in Industrial Design at La Sapienza University and with a Master's in Product Design at Quasar University in Rome (Planet Earth), together with Arc-Ink Group, a multidisciplinary agency active in the field of international super-luxury, he works with clients of the caliber of Riva Yacht, Enel X, Fiat, RedBull and Vimercati. Over the years, alongside his work as a designer, he delves into the field of Project Development and Strategic Design in several startups and emerging brands.
Niccolò, Co-Founder & CFO
Graduated in Management Engineering and with specialization in Business intelligence and Analytics at La Sapienza University. He is actively working on the development of new forms of business exploiting the potential offered by Web3, studying its integration and sustainability over the long term.
Camilla, Art Director
With a Master's Degree in Visual&Innovation Design at RUFA University in Rome (still Planet Earth), she has experience with the relationship between artists and brands, having often worked with with italian design brands specializing in online sales such as PPPattern and Forma&Cemento.
Jason, Social Media Marketing
Specialized in blockchain/web3 technology and marketing & communications, he currently manages the communication for several DeFi projects across multiple chains, actively contributing to the growth of the web3 world. Also, he's one of the owners of MultiLumix, a communications agency and software development company based in Italy.
Coach, Community Manager
Specialized in blockchain and web3 technology, he actively contributes to the growth of communities and entertainment. In 2020 he obtained a master's degree in computer science and has been working on projects across the web3 space since then.
We also often employ additional collaborators, depending on the specific knowledge required, such as Blockchain Developers and Community Managers :) We are in a constantly growing network!